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Now that masking mandates have been lifted in Portland, we are working diligently to re-open our beautiful spa facility. Sign up to our email list for updates and watch our social media channels, where we are about to ramp things up as well! Give us a call and we can add you to the waitlist in anticipation of the grand re-opening!

As a client or patient of Santé you can enjoy our gorgeous facility which includes a hot soaking pool, a cool dip pool (UV light sanitized), a steam room and a heated pebble beach UV light room, relaxation area, showers, and locker rooms – all of which can be used to provide a relaxing experience 1 hour prior to your scheduled service or appointment.

Our facility-use rates for use of the spa include these amenities as well as one towel, robe, slippers, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, and other basic toiletries. To ensure a relaxing environment for all guests, access to the amenities will be by appointment only and not allowed without booking a service. Use of spa facility after your service is not allowed, as therapeutically applied oils/creams can affect delicate water chemistry or could negatively affect outcomes of the treatment received.

Spa Etiquette is required for our co-ed facility, including swimsuits and sandals, no cellphone use, no loud talking or disruptive laughter as other services are being delivered in rooms outside the pools. We reserve the right to refuse service for any reason that does not adhere to our decorum. Any displays of intoxication or inappropriate sexual conduct will not be tolerated in the facility.

Please arrive 15 minutes early to find adequate parking and fill out the necessary paperwork.
Consider the spa facility for your next event! Birthdays, wedding preparations/celebrations, networking events, wine tastings or even business retreats can be held with facility rental.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to serve you better!

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