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PRP (Plasma Rich Protein) Therapeutic Services

Now offering a full suite of PRP therapies including:

  • Hair Restoration
  • Wound and Scar Repair
  • The O shot (enhances intimate health)
  • Facial Rejuvenation (used in conjunction with injectables, threads, and technologies)
  • Micro-Needling Treatments(both general and RF micro-needling) Hand Restoration
  • Ear Lobe Restoration

What is PRP Therapy?

PRP therapy involves using your very own platelets to revitalize and heal tissues throughout the body. Your blood is made up of four primary components: red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, and platelets.

With PRP therapy, the platelets are extracted and applied on or injected into the desired tissues. By doing this we introduce 1,500 protein-based bioactive factors into your skin, including growth factors and enzymes, that encourage tissue repair and cellular turnover. It is known to have multiple benefits from head to toe, literally plumping tissue full of healthy cells, increasing blood flow, and stimulates tissue repair.

To obtain these platelets, we simply draw a sample of your own blood and separate them out in a centrifuge. We then inject or apply that concentrate back into your weakened or damaged tissues.

When the concentrated platelets in the plasma hit the tissue, and the components are released, the magic happens:

  • Increase collagen production
  • Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tighter, firmer skin
  • Improved moisture retention
  • Enhanced skin tone and texture
  • Wound healing
  • And so much more!