Rebecca Provorse, N.D.

Naturopathic Physician & Endocrinologist located in Portland, OR


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About Dr. Provorse

Dr. Provorse has over two decades experience in the medical field. As a physician she has been a trailblazer, implementing new methods of treatment for the various hormonal/endocrine disorders that she frequently encounters. She was the first Wiley Protocol practitioner in Oregon, using circannual rhythmic replacement to better match the natural ebb and flow of the hormones in the body. She continues to offer this revolutionary hormone therapy (as well as static HRT options) to cis- and transgender adults in her practice for optimal wellness. In addition to extensive experience with Wiley Protocol therapies, she regularly treats patients with auto-immune and thyroid conditions such as Hashimoto’s and Grave’s disease. Dr. Provorse specializes in a well-rounded approach to healthcare, covering everything from diet, sleep, emotional wellbeing to overall physical health. In addition, she is a licensed acupuncturist, utilizing this modality in her work to optimize patient fertility and resolve physical complaints.

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