“Providing real-world techniques that patients can apply for immediate empowerment and success in supercharging their health and well-being”

Dr. Linné Linder grew up in the northwest where she majored in biology and minored in music at Northwest University.  With a magna cum laude recognition, she moved to Portland to pursue a doctorate degree in medicine at National College of Natural Medicine. After graduation, Dr. Linder proceeded to teach and direct medical programs at the college level and quickly moved up the ranks to Director of Education, making education and motivational teaching and training, her passion.   

In time, she chartered new territory as Dean of a neighboring college.  As an educator, she remained involved with public speaking events for large venues, project management, training her educators and providing innovative leadership methods that caught the attention of State officials. In her new position, under the mentorship of a world-class exemplary Campus President, she was trained in, certified and taught, high-performance methods rooted in cognitive psychology. She continues to utilize these same techniques in assisting patients with their overall health and wellness goals; helping them work through barriers toward achieving ultimate wellness—and as a result, build healthful relationships with themselves, whilst achieving their wellness goals. 

With the support and encouragement of friends and family, Dr. Linder pursued a career in medicine at SANTÉ Aesthetics & Wellness, where she serves her community with her expertise in lifestyle, health and aging-well practices. Her philosophy recognizes that there is no cookie-cutter approach toward achieving optimum wellness but that an individualized approach is key. As a result she provides unique artistry in assisting others with their metabolic makeovers. Dr. Linder has been featured on NBC’s local news station, KGW, showcasing the medical weight loss program for the Portland Today’s audience.

As an expert in lifestyle, health and wellness and aging-well practices, Dr. Linder founded journeytowardjoy.com, a website dedicated to assisting readers with achieving their best life. She is the author of The Forever Fat Burner: The Secret to Optimizing Your Health, Longevity, and Body Composition and is currently writing her second book focused on sharing the best tips and tricks toward creating a fulfilling and rewarding (and, of course, healthful) lifestyle.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending quality time with friends and family, especially her husband, John. Together, they enjoy board sports—including snowboarding, surfing and long-boarding at Portland’s waterfront.  They are self-proclaimed foodies and wine enthusiasts and look for any opportunity to partake in Oregon’s abundance. In addition, she can be found organizing nooks, crannies and every aspect of her life on a regular basis. Grateful for her work family at SANTÉ, Dr. Linder continues to flourish as a forever-student and researcher of the latest scientific findings regarding lifestyle-improvement methods, supercharged wellness and state-of-the art aging-well practices.  She chooses to make a difference by sharing this knowledge on a continual basis through her passion for coaching her patients, public speaking, vlogging and writing.